Just to make sure we’re clear…

…this is what a chimpanzee can do to a small creature that it finds in its enclosure and doesn’t want there.  I suspect there is not much weight difference between a toddler and a large raccoon.  There is, however, an enormous difference between the strength level of a chimpanzee and a silverback gorilla:


I just figured, judging from the chatter I’ve seen on the internet today, that this might be a useful thing to think about.

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3 thoughts on “Just to make sure we’re clear…

  1. I’m concerned by the anger towards the PARENTS of the child who was able to enter the enclosure. What was the zoo thinking regarding their attitudes towards public health and safety? For goodness’ sake. It’s bad for the gorilla, bad for the poor little kid and his terrified family, bad for the zoo’s reputation. These enclosures probably need renovation so that humans and animals alike can interact safely and from a distance.


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