Well that wasn’t so hard

hqdefault.jpgSat in a hot, stuffy, way-too-small room within punching distance of a guy with white power tattoos for an hour and fifteen minutes only to be ushered into the courtroom and told that the defendant in the case we were there for, a “high-level felony” that would likely have required a fairly lengthy trial, had just accepted a plea bargain.  Thanks for your service!  No more jury duty for two years!  Go home!

I’ll admit– with my wife out of town, this was literally-no-exaggeration the worst week of the year for me to get called for jury duty, and navigating getting the boy to and from school and getting her picked up (not to mention a prescheduled major appliance delivery tomorrow) and a few other things was a huge pain in the ass that inconvenienced my parents as well as me, but I’m still a bit disappointed.  Even with all that going on, though, at least the trial would probably have been interesting.  That said, I got out of it the best way possible, without having to stage a rant about the unjust criminal justice system or begging that I just don’t have time to be an American this week or anything like that.  So I’ll call it a dodged bullet for the moment, and maybe if I do get called again in the next two years I won’t actually use my get-out-of-jury-duty-free pass.  We’ll see.

So.  What shall I do with my suddenly free day?  Ah, there you are, Dark Souls III, I’ve been looking for you.

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2 thoughts on “Well that wasn’t so hard

  1. I couldn’t believe the amount of “I don’t have time, I’m an important businessperson!” that went on both times I got called for jury duty (served once in NY, didn’t end up getting called into the courtroom but still had to sit for hours in CA). I also got to see someone pretend to be prejudiced to get out of serving. Entertaining, while also despicable.

    Glad this worked out to not be so stressful on you as it could have been!


  2. That was a very descriptive opening line – I felt like I was right there with you in that claustrophobic room. Would make a great opening for a story! I’m kind of disappointed about the plea bargain to be honest with you…


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