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c251b02839a49bab76294010e9a3ab40.jpgYou may recall that I bought a new winter coat on The Amazon the other day.  This is the coat in question, the Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Arctic Quilt Lined Duck Traditional Coat.  Which is a hell of a name, but then it’s a hell of a coat.

We had subzero air temperatures yesterday morning (yesterday? Monday? Hell, I don’t remember) and way subzero wind chills and I had a variety of out-of-the-house errands to run, so I wore the new coat.

With a T-shirt on underneath it, and the coat not zipped up.  I had the hood attached.

I was overheated– not quite sweaty, but almost– by the end of the excursions.  This sounds like a bad thing.  It’s not.  It means that this sumbitch gives neither a damn nor a fuck about wind in the -20 degree range.  Which means it is exactly the coat I wanted.   There are plenty of pockets, the cuffs at the wrists are perfect— a frequent problem with oversized coats, since my arms don’t exactly match my chest and stomach– and the fabric on the outside is tough as hell and looks like it could probably stop a knife in addition to cold.

My only problem right now is that the hood is a little stiff and driving with it attached is kind of obnoxious because of how it pushes my neck and head away from my seat, but I assume that’ll loosen up and the hood is removable anyway.

Four thumbs up would wear again.  You folk who have Actual Winter where you live should seriously think about this thing.

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7 thoughts on “On that coat

  1. Yar. Carhartt makes some quality apparel.

    Fortunately, we don’t have real winter here. I unroll my insulated coveralls maybe twice a year and I have a surplus Air Force rescue jacket that I wear in January and February, but otherwise, it’s windbreakers and leather jackets.

    I do not think I could handle Actual Winter.


      1. I am the opposite. Actual Summer is a pain in the ass, but at least I get to run around in tank tops, cutoffs, and flip flops. I hate being bundled up.


  2. Ah…that coat would only keep frostbite away for about 2 seconds over here. In Canada, you need a coat that means business and looks completely ridiculous. If the coat has any style or looks good, it’s too flimsy for our weather.


      1. Of course, I didn’t. Let me know if the coat means business.
        I just have never seen one like that over here. Ours have to be super-dooper, mean-looking things that spit at winter and give ice the evil-eye. In the process, we end up looking like mummies, covered from head to foot in clothing with only our noses sticking out to breathe….and that not always. You can’t even go around without gloves…or your skin will stick to whatever you grab. And your nose freezes shut if you breathe in too quickly. Tears freeze on cheeks…I’m sure you know the drill. It’s cold.


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