REBLOG: Freeing Christians From Americhristianity

An outstanding post. Give it a read.

john pavlovitz

CF1_0460-X2Dear World,

I’m a Christian who feels something needs to be said about my faith tradition.

Despite the ways we who practice it might declare otherwise (especially in weeks like this), it is intended to beautiful and joy-filling and life-giving. It is made of compassion and mercy and forgiveness and sacrificial love—or at least it is supposed to be.

It is supposed to be the most brilliant of lights in the dark places we often spend our days.

It is supposed to drive us to the places of deepest despair and greatest need, and fully burdened to make our home there until the low are raised up and the hurting healed and the captives freed.

It is also supposed to make us fearless.

The most-repeated words from the mouth of God/Jesus throughout both the Old and New Testaments to the faithful, is to not fear. At the very center of our religion…

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2 thoughts on “REBLOG: Freeing Christians From Americhristianity

  1. I have read this post and even as an old non confrontational English atheist the words written were music to my ears…compassion and respect is all we need…I have many Muslin friends and not a terrorist among them…proper family people who deserve a break.

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