In which I dislike some things and like other things

It has been… a really rough week.

For like ten minutes now, that’s been the only sentence of the post.  I had four kids in my afternoon class inside the office before they even got to my class for real— one for bullshit heading down the stairs, two for post-lunch bullshit on the way up the stairs, and the fourth for what she was doing when I came back into the room after dropping the previous two off.

I came home early yesterday because I simply couldn’t cope with the idea of dealing with my afternoon class.  Just couldn’t do it. I basically had a panic attack in the morning and insisted that they cover me in the afternoon.  Luckily, our building secretary loves me so she was able to take care of it.  I came home and collapsed into bed for a few hours and then spent the evening job-hunting again.  I made it through today, and a couple of suspensions from the Magnificent Four will likely help with tomorrow, but…


Anybody knows anything about a job I might be good for– especially if it involves telecommuting and I can do it from anywhere, because chances are I’m not uprooting my family to move to you– let me know.

One good thing that’s happened this week: my Pebble Time Steel finally showed up!  It’s one of these two watches:


One of those two models cost $250 and is on my wrist right now; the other costs $17000 and… is not.  I know I’ve made this point a bunch of times before– probably every time I’ve mentioned the Pebble Time Steel– but I just find it so insanely ridiculous that I can’t stop talking about it.

A quick review?  Well, it’s basically the same as my original Pebble, with a color screen, a bit more stylish… styling, and a few days more battery life.  There’s also a microphone on it but apparently that feature’s not available for the iPhone version of their app yet.  In other words, I love it, but most of the differences between it and the original are cosmetic.  The new Timeline interface is interesting but hardly life-altering.  I still halfway suspect that my next watch will be an Apple Watch but they need to radically improve the battery life before I jump ship.  The battery on the PTS is supposed to last ten days between charges.  The Apple Watch needs to be charged every night.  The prettier screen simply cannot overcome that difference, especially when you include the considerably higher price of the Apple Watch.

So, yeah: point is, I like it, and eventually somebody’s gonna crack my skull open for it and then be very disappointed.  But, hey: I won’t have to teach anymore once the mugger kills me!