In which everything is awesome

Just spent about half an hour outside playing with one of these babies:


That’s a Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter, with a 4K camera on a goddamn gimbal, meaning you can swoop past things at an angle and the image stays smooth and level.  The shots look outstanding; I haven’t pulled them from the SD card yet to check them out at full-res, though.  I did make a dumb mistake where every picture I took shows my address, so you don’t get to see any of my footage yet, but I’ll keep fiddling with it this weekend.

It’s not mine, sadly.  We bought it with the last of the grant money last year, and are going to use it for our media productions class– the camera is that good.  But someone had to learn to fly it first, so I demanded first right of geekdom and brought it home.  It costs roughly $usedcar, so I need to be damn careful I don’t screw it up.  But damn, was that fun.

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15 thoughts on “In which everything is awesome

  1. Does this thing actually work?

    I don’t think I could afford one this fancy, but there are lesser models though they are still pricey.

    The idea of having one seems like it’d be a lot of fun but I don’t want to dole out the dough for something that’s going to zip up in the air then crash in a million pieces five minutes out of the box.


    1. It seems really solid. I have little experience with drones but from what I’ve seen landings are the big danger point. It lands automatically and smoothly as hell. I’ll test it more this weekend.

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  2. Sounds like a lot of fun and then it seems a little scary how easy they can be used to spy on people. And then beyond the conspiracy paranoia, fun again.


    1. Speaking of scary, this weird thing happens to your brain once one of these quadcopters get about fifteen feet off the ground. It happened to both my wife and I– once it gets to a certain height, your brain starts working overtime to convince you that it can’t possibly be hanging up there and it’s going to fall RIGHT NOW. Max height on beginner mode is just 30 M and I left it up there for all of 10 seconds or so because I could. not. deal with the fact that it was just hanging over my head.

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