tumblr_mbkkkvXT6Q1r7w8cbo1_400The internet in general, and especially Twitter, was a really fun place to be yesterday.

I have a crapton of errands to accomplish today, and I have to work tonight, so that leaves precious little time for posting.  Instead I’ll recommend you take advantage of the fact that it appears to be raining across half the planet today (sorry, California) and curl up with a good book.  Or two.

For my part, I plan on wearing a hoodie to work tonight, as we’re having an awesomely chilly June day, a phrase I don’t expect to be able to use very often but am phenomenally happy on the rare occasion when it’s appropriate.

See you tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Rainbows!

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  2. Sadly, I saw very little of Twitter yesterday. Was mostly on the Facebooks. But caught it at just the right time, and got to watch the rainbows light up the newsfeed, then spread and spread, and finally make #MarriageEquality and #LoveWins trend over there. Was exceptional to watch, and I think I posted like 10 status updates.

    Also, probably burned three posts’ worth of words on chatter. Never seen anything like it.


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