RIP, Leonard Nimoy

628x471There are many, many pictures of Mr. Nimoy being shared on the Internet at the moment; I would genuinely like to think I found the WTFiest of them all.

I’ll be honest: I would not, three days ago, have described myself as either a big Star Trek fan (although I’ve had my moments) or a big Spock/Nimoy fan.  So I have a lot of trouble explaining why, when I found out this afternoon that he had passed, I had to shut my office door for a few minutes because I was struggling to hold back tears.  You are a mean, nasty, vicious motherfucker, February, and I will quite glad to see the end of you.


5 thoughts on “RIP, Leonard Nimoy

  1. NerdyAlex_DrawWrite

    Amen to that, buddy. Can’t wait for February to end, the jerk. It was not only the end of both the old book draft (in place for the original that I had buried in my folders), a rather large chunk of my hopes, a few dreams, and a lot of sanity, but now Nimoy. I had to hide under my hoodie and hide the tears.


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