Woohoo 2!

74b9b318b4c5287b76a096d4042a0d27School’s been cancelled tomorrow, because it’s supposed to be like ten below zero at 6:00 tomorrow morning, meaning that I can either stay home and work on the book (the responsible choice) or stay home and play video games (the slightly more awesome choice.)  At some point I will probably have to blow off the driveway in astonishingly cold weather, which I could be happier about, but… yeah.  No school!  Whee!

I’ll try and post something actually interesting later tonight.

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5 thoughts on “Woohoo 2!

  1. It’s was -34 here today with windchill and still had to go to class, and walk 20 minutes to the bus. I wish I’d get a snow day. It may be time to move south.


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