oh my god this is REAL?

So I heard about this last night on the twitters and I thought it was a hoax.  It’s not a hoax. It’s a real thing that is real:

B6B7gHTIMAAA6JmSo, long story short: the extruder for some new Play-Doh toy that a bunch of people got for their kids for Christmas looks exactly like a goddamned dildo.  You have got to go to the Facebook page and go there right now the carnage going on in the comments is the Internet distilled into its purest form and is completely hilarious on every imaginable level.

Thank me later.  Click the link now.

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12 thoughts on “oh my god this is REAL?

  1. When I first read this I was like, HOW? How did this get the green light? Did no one see the prototype? When I saw just part of the image, I giggled. And Play-Doh did promotional shots. The applicator thing looked just like a President Nixon! I’m sure the factory workers putting that flimsy junk together were like- Shénme!

    Someone posted a video of Playdoh being squeezed out. It. Was. Glorious.


  2. I laughed so hard I have tears in my eyes, and one of the funniest things is how many times you managed to use the word cock! A terrifying toy todger, and I’m thinking way too hard about the alliteration thing right now…


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