In which that went well

So the boy has passed the Baked Egg Challenge, with nary a swelling nor a rash anywhere in sight. He got three cupcakes, doled out in increasing doses, spread out over about a three hour period.

The doctor has now told us that we are to make sure our son ingests approximately a quarter of a cup of baked egg product a day for the next six months, at which point we move on to the Adjectiveless Egg Challenge, which I suspect he will be less enthusiastic about.

What this means is that my son has quite literally been put on a cupcake diet by his doctor. For six months.

I’m not sure how to feel about that.

8 thoughts on “In which that went well

    1. We were specifically told that if you could see the eggs, it was a bad idea. So basically anything that incorporates eggs into batter. We’re thinking we’re gonna be making a ton of zucchini bread in the next six months.


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