REBLOG: My Gripe with Homeschoolers

I don’t always agree with Atlas Educational’s ideas about teaching, but this post needs some more attention. I DEMAND YOU READ IT.

Lisa Swaboda is Atlas Educational

Learning for me

It’s funny being on both sides of the coin. I think I can envision what bi-racial people feel like caught between two distinctly different groups of people; except I’m in a group all by myself most of the time. As a former public school teacher of 20+ years who attended Catholic school all her life and sent her kids to private school prior to homeschooling, I’ve seen most of the education world and it’s a mass of bureaucracy…..with most of it totally missing the point of learning.

 I like the idea of school. Scratch that.
I like the idea of learning with others. 

At the age of 10, I knew I was going to be a teacher. I mean, c’mon, Spelling bees with chocolate bars as prizes (yes, I won most of them that year), making forts in the classroom to visit when our work was complete, playing on the…

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4 thoughts on “REBLOG: My Gripe with Homeschoolers

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Infinitefreetime! I’m happy to co-exist peacefully. Teachers tend to support each other even when we don’t always agree. Dragonflylady77, unschooling confused me for a really long time too! Happy to chat with you about it anytime. It’s not what you’re thinking and I’m glad you’re curious enough to be confused.


  2. Ugh, I have so many feelings about this. But I suspect it’s a totally different story (or at least my feelings are different about) k-8 vs high school. I was home schooled for a minute in elementary, knew kids who were in and out, and have a lot of friends from high school who are home schooling, or are now elem/mid teachers or counselors. But I also worked in college admissions for years, so I get caught up in the disasters I saw in high school home schooling. I can get behind these arguments for elementary and/or middle but less so beyond that.


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