In which you receive orders

So here’s the thing.  I’m working on a post right now, which is requiring quite a bit more thinking than my blog posts usually need– like, a couple of days’ worth so far.  And it’s going to require a bit more writing time than my posts usually need, too, so you probably won’t see it until next week sometime.

As part of this post, I’ve reminded myself what an outstanding goddamn comic book NEXTWAVE: AGENTS OF H.A.T.E. was, and as a result I am demanding that every single one of you order a collected edition from Amazon or download it or (even better) find a local comic shop and buy whatever copies of the series they have available to you.

Right now.  Because Warren Ellis is a goddamned mad genius and one day I will hunt him down and eat his brain so I can steal his magical writing powers except that I’m pretty sure he’s also much tougher and cooler and eviller than I am so he would probably end up eating my brain instead and not getting much of use out of it.

Point is, sooner or later one of us is gonna have both our brains.  Other point is,  you should be reading this comic book because you’ve never heard of it and it’s bloody goddamn brilliant.  It’s a weekend, you ain’t got nothin’ to do.  Go shopping.  Now.

image_7_zps982b05d6(Speaking of Warren Ellis, and receiving orders, I have just read instructions in my email to tell everyone I know that the first issue of his current project, TREES, is available as a free digital download from Image Comics for the next couple of days.  So you should check that out also.  Immediately.)

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3 thoughts on “In which you receive orders

  1. bahaa in new jersey. i’m in the middle of his transmet series right now (because why? because you got me on warren ellis and some other dude got me on comic books and jesus hell when did i become a 14yo boy? but oh, ❤ spider jerusalem ❤ )

    interestingly, i already knew about trees. i'm waiting for said other dude to tell me whether or not to read it. i guess this HATE business will end up on my shelf eventually, too. goddamn all of you.


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