Tuesday brain dump

brainAlmost titled this post “Friday brain dump,” which should show you where my head is right now.  I have no idea whether anything in this post is going to be interesting to anyone who isn’t me but I need it out of my brain, so… yeah.  Make yourself enjoy it.

I have… news?  On the job front?  I inquired about a position this afternoon and received a “let’s set up an interview as soon as possible” response within ten minutes, which seems pretty positive.  I know the principal already and got along with him quite well, so it’s entirely possible that in his head this may be done and dusted already, but who knows.

I’m ambivalent about the job itself, though.  I must get out of my building next year; that’s simply not optional.  I would really really like to get out of my district, and a lot of the problems that I have with my current building are going to still going to be problems with the new school.  And at the moment landing a position at this building would not cause me to stop looking in other districts.  Which feels more than a little dishonest to me.  Unfortunately, I’m not certain I actually care.

No word from District Four.  I felt like I didn’t do well on the phone interview, but I also felt like the phone interview was kinda bullshit.  I’ve talked with one other person who has interviewed with them and he felt the same way.  That said, I know they did more than one phone interview and I also know that those interviews have to be shared with multiple other people before second calls go out– and since my interview alone was probably half an hour or forty minutes long, I suspect that I probably ought not to panic about the fact that I haven’t gotten a call back in a week.  It’s a busy time of year, y’know?  And it ain’t like there’s a lot of time pressure there for a job that doesn’t even start until August.  So… we’ll see.  I’ve got several generic “if you end up with openings” types of letters out and at least two applications for specific jobs that I haven’t heard back on.  So, we’ll see what happens.  I’m trying not to stress out about it, as I’ve probably said before; I would be really surprised if I knew anything at all before August.  But, again, we’ll see.

Tomorrow’s field day.  It’ll be inside because it’s supposed to rain for pretty much the entire day.  But still field day.  And then my twelfth and quite possibly toughest year of teaching is finished.

Bring it, goddammit.

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    1. It’s really, really tough to say, but honestly, probably not, if I’m being honest. I’d have to go dig through old blog posts, I think; I suspect that I would find that the seven years in between here and then have cooled my recollection of just how miserable that job was. I was unhappy this year; I was suicidal at the other school.

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  1. After 23 years of teaching, I left. Couldn’t stand the pain anymore. Now what? Why, looking to get back in….somewhere….where it’s working….is that even possible anymore?

    Good luck to you in finding someplace where you feel good teaching, yes, actually teaching without all of the bs. Tell me it’s possible.


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