Okay, you win

687353104039906987A student walks up to me.  He’s got a huge shit-eating grin on his face.

“I’m going to take control of your body and your brain,” he says to me, “and then you’re going to give me a Jolly Rancher.”

The hell you say, I think to myself, but I say “Go for it.”

“You are now breathing manually,” he says.

He got his Jolly Rancher, the little bastard.

(Very long day.  Including positively Hobbit-like levels of both First and Second Breakfast. This is all I have, but hopefully it got a smile out of you.)

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4 thoughts on “Okay, you win

  1. It seems strange to me that I just updated my facebook status asking a question about how Hobbits eat so much food while remaining so little…and you mention them. But that’s totally a coincidence. Hobbits. They’re something to talk about.
    Also, smart kid.


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