In which this isn’t real but looks good

Vegan-Quinoa-Sweet-Potato-Chili1Been a vegetarian for fourteen hours.  So far, so good, although it should probably be pointed out that under most circumstances I wouldn’t have eaten any meat by now anyway.  That said, I’m making this for dinner– I challenge the author’s description of this food as “chili,” because chili contains ground beef, GODDAMMIT, but regardless of what you call it it sounds tasty as hell.  There will no doubt be some sort of picture of it posted later today once I’ve got it made.  The one to the right is from the original website; nothing I cook will look that good, although I probably will go with the avocado garnish on top on account of avocados are delicious.

I should also point out that one mildly intemperate post on Facebook has a friend suggesting that I have the “meat shakes” already.  Nah– but wait until Wednesday or so, when I come home early from work on account of having accidentally gnawed on one of the students.

Let’s see.  What else?  My trip to Michigan yesterday went more or less without incident and other than a mild back twinge and more grading than I’d really like to have left at this point on Sunday afternoon I’ve got little that’s worth complaining about.  So… yeah.  I’ll put up a picture tonight once I’ve made dinner just to prove that I’ve done it; maybe by then I’ll have come up with something else to talk about.  Feel free to continue giving me recipes, by the way; even if I don’t end up making everything this week most of the recipes you guys have shared either here or on Facebook look awesome.

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6 thoughts on “In which this isn’t real but looks good

  1. Add some faux meat if you feel like it’s missing what you need in “real chili.” Meat eaters seem to like the Gardein brand, if you can find that in Indiana. They make meatballs that can be squished for chili. Be not afraid… although, this is an appropriate month to embrace any fears, I suppose. PS: Your tags for this post are hilarious!


    1. Nah– I’m going to toss in a jalapeño, I think, and I’m fighting off the urge to put in some diced tomatoes, but other than that I won’t be modifying the recipe at all. I eat veggie burgers all the time, so I can get my fake-meat fix if I need it, but I’m gonna try and do without. I certainly don’t feel like this recipe needs it– I’m just going to call it a stew and not chili. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on your recent decision to become vegetarian! Please let me know if you need advice! I’m the first to tell you a lot of vegetarian/vegan stuff is actively awful .. BUT a lot of vegan stuff can be really, really, really good! I’ve got a number of vegan chilis on my blog … Good luck!


  3. My wife of forty plus years is a vegetarian and our kids and one of our grandchildren. I have written about this in my blog. I find myself a big fan of humus, fruits and veggies steamed not stirred.


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