Lemme see, lemme see, how shall I start?

WHEEEEEEEI have no idea what this is right now or whether it’s going to be a thing or not or even really what the URL is, so right now I’m going to throw up a quick one-paragraph post and see how it looks.  Xanga is dead (long live Xanga!) so I need a new bloghouse somewhere.  This looks interestingly complicated but who knows.

First test passed, I think: easily added an image without any drama.  I think I only have about 3 gb of storage right now but I can probably hotlink to pictures so that’s probably not so big a deal.  let’s hit submit and see what happens.

Minor failure: animated .gif doesn’t animate.  This makes me sad.  Animated .gifs should animate.  Also, there’s some weird formatting around the “interestingly complicated” sentence up there.

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