Oh, great, this again

We have a nasty little motherfucker of a storm coming, aimed, as near as I can tell, directly at my house. It’s been 50 degrees all day today, so a lot of the snow has melted (remember, we got a foot of snow a couple of weeks ago, and most of it was still around) and it’s supposed to start raining pretty much any time now. Then the temperature is going to start dropping, so that by the time school starts it’s going to be below freezing, and all that water is going to start turning to ice, along with whatever “wintry mix” has been dropped on us up until then. Estimates for how much snow we’re going to get tomorrow have ranged from five inches to over a foot; I think they’ve mostly settled in the 6-9″ range, but all day tomorrow is going to be ugly as hell.

Oh, and 30 mph winds through basically all of this. So all sorts of shit will be falling out of the sky and it will be falling sideways.

The question, of course, is this: tomorrow afternoon is going to be a clusterfuck. Tomorrow morning, on the other hand, might involve slippery roads but ought to be otherwise manageable. We are currently under a wind advisory, a flood watch, and a winter storm warning, all at the same time. Do we think the schools possess the necessary ability to think ahead required to cancel school in the morning, before things get bad? Or are we just going to have kids stranded at school tomorrow afternoon in the middle of a major blizzard? Stay tuned.

In other news, sometime in the next couple of days, I’m getting another Afghan student. Another girl, which I’m going to assume is good, because it means Fatima might have someone she can talk to, assuming the two of them share a common language. From what I’m told the new girl doesn’t speak any English either. I’m trying to treat this as a good thing; hopefully the two of them will get along well enough (and be able to talk to each other) that they might be able to help each other learn English, because thus far most of what I’ve been trying to do has fared … poorly.

Let’s cross our fingers.