Go watch this trailer

For someone who doesn’t actually buy Batman comic books, I am surprisingly purist about the character, and haven’t liked a Batman movie in … well, since 1989, and I’m pretty sure if I revisited the original Batman I wouldn’t like it any more. So I’m surprised that I’m vibing with the trailers for this one. Quite surprised, honestly, because: are they genuinely going for the angle that Batman is a psychopath here? Is that what’s happening? The comics have made the idea either text or subtext for a long time– that Batman is just the mirror image of his villains, and that it’s pure coincidence or luck that he turned out to be the good guy in the equation– but I don’t recall that the movies have played with it very much. But Robert Pattinson’s Batman really comes off as nuts.

And absolutely ridiculously bulletproof, too, but that’s a whole different conversation.

I still want a film noir Batman movie set in the 1920s, by the way. I’ll never, ever get it, but I want it.

Three Trailers

It has been … a day, and I find that I’m not in the chattiest mood tonight. So let’s talk about some stuff that’s coming out.

The Eternals

This trailer is the first thing I’ve seen from this movie that gave me even the vaguest interest in seeing it. I’m still not going near a theater– this and Shang-Chi are going to have to wait until they’re available on Disney+ for me to watch them– but this actually made me think for a few seconds that I might have some interest in seeing it. There was never any chance that I was actually going to skip the thing, and I still don’t know a damn thing about any of the characters, but at least it’s on my radar as a mild positive and not a thing that I have to put up with.

Star Wars: Visions

Given my lifelong disdain of anime and my utter inability to get into any of the Star Wars animated projects no matter how hard I’ve tried, you would think that this show would have no appeal for me, and I am as surprised as you are to announce that you would be completely wrong in thinking that. I am all in. I don’t know if this is in canon or not– I feel like lightsaber umbrella might be a concept best left out of the official SW universe– but I’m genuinely excited about this, for the novelty if nothing else.

Speaking of novelty …

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

I’m including this out of sheer schadenfreude. I liked the Kevin Smith Netflix thing well enough, although it didn’t change my life and I’m not chewing my nails over the second half of the season. But He-Man nerds got all bent out of shape about that, and then the next thing Netflix throws at us is this? As I’ve said many times, I have no real skin in this game, but even I was looking at this by the end and thinking maybe they’d gone a bit too far. Seriously make Battle Cat a dog who turns into a wolf and say it’s inspired by He-Man. Call him Boy-Dude or something.

I am seriously looking forward to the fanboy tears, though.

Silflay hraka, u embleer rah

I don’t talk about it all that often around here, but Watership Down is one of my very favorite books of all time.  I mean, anyone who has been reading me for a while can probably list some things I’m a fan of, right?  Star Wars, various comic books, etcetera.

I have a Watership Down tattoo.  I don’t have any superhero or Star Wars tattoos, although the inscription on the One Ring from Lord of the Rings is wrapped around my left calf.   I’m enough of a fan of this book that I have a tattoo of El-Ahrairah from the 1978 movie on my left shoulder blade.  So I’m gonna be paying very close attention to this BBC miniseries.  I am … cautiously optimistic about the first trailer?  The animation’s not great.  It may not even be good, if I’m being honest.  Okay.  It’s hraka.  But maybe it’s not done yet.  

But a shiver went down my spine at the line all the world will be your enemy.  And right now that’s all I need.  I’m in, guys.  But I hope y’all did this right.

(If you’re wondering if I have anything to say about the other trailer that came out yesterday, yes, yes in fact I do, but I’m hoping to combine that with the Avengers 4 trailer that supposedly is coming out later this week.  We’ll see.

I had two different people look at me today and say “Is it always like this?” in reference to my job.  One was my boss.  The other was a student.  The answer was yes.  Yes, it is always like this.  Every day.  And y’all are lucky that I am the greatest gatdamb multitasker on the planet, or shit would never, ever get done.  And that’s all I have to say about that.  It was a very, very, very long day, but it ended with Chipotle and I have something to look forward to soon, so hell with it.  Tomorrow’s new comic book day.  Let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire.  

No YOU’RE not blogging

I have nothing tonight, guys.  Nothing.  Nothing.

Watch this Thor: Ragnarok trailer:

On things I’ve watched lately

Let’s start with this bit of awesome:

You may recall that I wasn’t as enamored as I wanted to be with the first couple of FORCE AWAKENS trailers, worrying that it was going to hit the wrong tone and be too scary for my son– who, incidentally, I’m trying to watch FORCE AWAKENS with as I’m typing this.

This, on the other hand?  This movie, which I would have told you yesterday was entirely unnecessary?

Super fucking psyched.  I mean, there’s not a lot here– it’s a teaser, after all– but what’s in there is awesome.  Maybe Forrest Whitaker is a little distracting, but he vanishes into roles so I’m sure it won’t be an issue in the movie.  The two things I like the most?  The music– we finally have a hint of what a post-John Williams STAR WARS might look like– and the fact that they apparently reached into the past to grab whoever is playing the younger Mon Mothma.  But… yeah.  Right now, I like everything about this.

Mild DAREDEVIL and WALKING DEAD spoilers in the next two parts.  Nothing too huge.


I was not the world’s biggest fan of the first season of DAREDEVIL– roundly despising the portrayal of the season’s big villain will do that– but I was much, much happier with the second season.  Jon Bernthal as the Punisher and Elodie Yung as Elektra were fantastic, the relationships between the three main characters (Matt, Foggy and Karen) made a lot more sense in Season 2 than in Season 1, and the show was just overall better than in the first season.  I was hoping to get an entire season free of the Kingpin and didn’t, and he was no better in his brief appearance in Season 2 than in Season 1, but I have few if any other complaints other than occasional bouts of silliness here and there and there being way too many ninjas in New York.  If you didn’t watch the first season, you’ll be fine without it (Kingpin was the bad guy.  They got him.  Done.)  and if you liked the first season you really should have seen this already.


I think my feelings about the Season Six finale of THE WALKING DEAD can best be expressed with a panel from the comic:


Honestly, here’s the funny thing: I was really pissed about this when it happened, and now, a few days later, I just don’t care any longer.  They can kill whoever the hell they want; it doesn’t really matter to me.

I suspect that’s not the emotional reaction the show was going for, honestly.