Mark Oshiro reads THE SIGIL

…and, with this video, completes The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1. Holy cow, this has been fun. I’ve got to send this guy a copy of The Sanctum of the Sphere.

Mark Oshiro reads more of the Benevolence Archives!

Turns out he’s going to read the whole of Vol. 1, which I’m super excited about, and I’m thrilled at how much he seems to be enjoying it. Check it out! Here’s Part One, if you missed it.



It’s here!  It’s here!  TALES, volume 3 of my BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES series, is now available for immediate download from the Amazon for the low price of $2.99!  Prefer paperback?  I’ve got you covered there, too, for just $8.99, with Prime shipping available!

New to the BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES?  No problem; you can check out the entire series here.

I’m going to be at work all day, probably checking Amazon on my phone every second I don’t have a customer.  Give me something to look at!  🙂


My artist just sent me a preliminary sketch for the cover of TALES FROM THE BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES.

I may have emitted girlish noises.


I cannot wait to share this with y’all.

In which I photograph poorly

Not only is my book on Amazon, so is my face.

What?  You haven’t bought my book yet?  You should buy my book.

(This will continue for a little while.  I do promise some actual content tomorrow but until then BUY MY BOOK BECAUSE LOVE.)