What was the reason???

It’s not just that this smarmy, slimy little weasel is a liar, it’s that he’s so unbelievably bad at it. I liked politicians more when they went to at least a little trouble to make sure their lies were a tiny bit credible, but this motherfucker just says whatever the hell comes to mind, and he lies like a middle schooler whose mother caught him with his pants around his ankles and porn on his monitor. It’s all panic and trying to hide your dick, any shred of reasonable thought out the window, and little man, we’ve seen that before and we’re not any more impressed by it now than we ever were.

In case you haven’t been following the news today (or you’re me, looking at this post in a year,) Texas is currently going through absolute hell. The entire state is covered in snow and in a deep freeze and huge power outages, caused by the state’s inefficient, out-of-date and unregulated power grid, have led to people literally freezing to death in their homes. In, again, Texas.

And this motherfucker didn’t think it would be a problem if he and his family fucked off to Cancun for a week in the middle of all this shit, rather than, I dunno, trying to do something to help. I mean, he’s a Senator, even though no one can figure out why. Senators have some influence in how governments allocate money, I’ve heard. But nah. Off to fucking Cancun, where they sure as fucking hell don’t want Ted Cruz around right now.

Oh, and the pandemic hasn’t gone anywhere, either, and he’s already had coronavirus once so you’d think he would know better, but nah.

And do you know what he did when he got caught? He tried to blame the entire thing on his daughters, who are ten and twelve years old, claiming that they’d asked him to take a trip to Mexico and, well, we definitely let sixth-graders decide to make us take international trips in the middle of multiple overlapping enormous crises, right? That’s a thing people do. He also lied about whether his house had power, and the real bullshit here is that I know that he lied but I don’t know what the truth is, because in the last 24 hours he’s both claimed that he had power and that he didn’t.

The real bullshit of all this is nobody would have thought twice had he gotten his family out of town, so long as they stayed in the States. It literally wouldn’t even have registered. But nah; we’ve gotta fuck off to Mexico, and then pretend it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, and blame it on our minor children, because that doesn’t make it look like all of your possessions need to be confiscated and redistributed to better people, and then we’ve got to pretend that returning after less than a day was the plan all along, ignoring that people can figure out that you bought a new ticket this morning. It’s all painful, stupid, obvious lying, and lying about something that could have been completely avoidable had they just stayed in America.

He’s gotta go. I don’t care if he gets recalled, or if he resigns, or if someone carefully places him in a glass jar and puts that glass jar on a shelf somewhere for eternity, or if he’s simply allowed to slither back into the ocean from whence he came. But I can’t hear anything else about this spineless little traitor ever again. I’m tired of him and he needs to go the fuck away, so that his family can abandon him and he can die alone in a cheap motel room in a couple of years. Fucking enough.


IowaSign.jpgI got out of bed this morning– note that I do not say “woke up”– convinced that I had not gotten even a single second of sleep the previous night, then upon dragging myself into the shower realized that I could not have had no sleep since I remembered at some point having either a really vivid hallucination or a nightmare involving losing track of both my cat and my son at a convention at the same time.

It was a bad night, is what I’m saying, and why I’m sitting in front of my computer with a huge mug of coffee in front of me instead of going directly back to bed like a sensible person is beyond me.

The insomnia lately is starting to really get to me.  I suspect it’s a combination of a whole goddamn lot of different things, some I can do something about and some I can’t, but I really don’t want to get to the point where I have to start taking a sleep aid before bed.  I experimented with melatonin for a little while but it appears to have stopped working.

The Iowa caucuses are tonight, meaning that I need to figure out a way with my current TV setup to keep CNN on in the background all night.  I look forward to the trauma this will cause to my son, who is used to thinking of the TV as a thing that belongs to him; my wife and I never watch any of “our” shows until he’s in bed.  I talked about this a bit last week; I find Iowa and New Hampshire’s stranglehold on our electoral process profoundly undemocratic and deeply offensive on a number of levels, and the faster we yank away control of our presidential nomination process from two of the smallest, whitest, most rural states in the country, the better.  The Iowa caucuses are particularly odious because they are so complicated and take so fucking long; at least in New Hampshire all you do is show up and vote.  The caucuses are designed to keep people away.

I’m making no predictions on either side; the Democratic race is too close to call anyway, and as I’ve said before I don’t particularly care who of the three wins.  I don’t have a dog in this fight just yet.  The polls seem to indicate that Trump will run away with the Republican side; I am going to require proof that his base understands how voting works before I believe it.  I remain convinced that the majority of his fans are people who never vote and that further everyone is better off for them having made that decision.

I mean, consider for a moment that because he lives in Iowa, this ignorant bumblefuck’s vote matters more than yours does:


“He does the national debt on purpose.”

For fuck’s sake.

I blocked his name out on purpose; needless to say, other than that this isn’t an altered image.  The article it came from is here, and a more frightening block of ignorance, superstition and assholery you will be hard-pressed to find today.

Their votes matter more than yours do.

Fuck every last bit of the primary process.

Also, just because I feel like mentioning it: if you are among the population of people (loosely known as “nearly everyone who has ever met or seen him”) who thinks that Ted Cruz has one of the most punchable faces you have ever seen in  your life and can’t believe that he ever got anyone to vote for him, be aware of this.  I did a little bit of research on his (sole) Senate election yesterday.  He came in second in the Republican primary, getting 34% of the vote and 479K votes– in, again, Texas, which tells you how tiny the turnout was. There was no candidate with 50%, so there was a runoff between him and the guy who came in first.  In the runoff he got 631K votes with Sarah Palin’s endorsement, back when that mattered– but at that point he was the Republican nominee and beating the Democrat statewide in Texas isn’t actually that hard. So, 27 million people in Texas and he got elected because of the votes of literally 2% of them.

So if you’re wondering how an obvious lizard-person like him managed to sneak into the Senate when, again, everyone he knows visibly and openly hates his guts, that’s how: he held an appointed post as Texas solicitor general that got him some visibility, managed to Jesus-nut his way past two percent of the population of Texas, and then people uncritically pulling the R lever got him the rest of the way.  qc8raqzj8nyxef9ehybr.gif