Just stay home

I came very close to losing my patience today with my small number of students who simply refuse to do anything at all. I don’t get this and I really never will; I could simply not tolerate the idea of being in a place every single day while simultaneously refusing to participate in any aspect of that place’s mission— imagine going to church, but, like, refusing to ever sit in a pew, or look at a Bible, or pray, or listen to anything the pastor says, and then doing that every day— and I’ve found myself back in just let them drop out mode. Now, again, I’m in a better place and I know it; the “do nothing” students are four or five in every class (well, they’re not evenly distributed, but whatever) as opposed to 2/3 of every class, but shit, if you want to go through life with the mathematical understanding of a second grader, who the fuck am I to stop you? They’ll tell you with a quickness that they’re in school because their parents make them; I’d still be willing to bet that those same parents maybe want you to pass something while you’re there. Just stay home so I don’t have to devote energy to trying to motivate your ass. I’ll let society do that instead and focus on the kids who want to be there.

Blech. I’m venting to clear my system; I don’t like to be this guy and I particularly don’t want to be this guy here, but this is two rough days in a row, and with a full moon happening right now and Valentine’s Day coming next week, this is going to be a shitty time to be a middle school teacher no matter what. For that matter, it’s worth pointing out that February is always the worst month to be a teacher, and if this is as bad as it gets? I’m fine.

And now that I’ve typed those words where Jesus and everybody can see them, I’mma go crawl under my desk and hide from whatever little bit of bullshit I just activated.