And … done

Undeniably my most successful and fun year of teaching… well, sixish months of teaching, at least … in at least a decade. Quite possibly my most successful and fun ever, since there are kids from that 2013 year I still look up occasionally hoping to discover they’re in jail, and there’s no one from this class I’m going to remember negatively.

So, naturally, I came home and took a nap on the couch, and it took half an hour at least of staring dully at the screen before I was able to muster up the willpower to type even these few sentences, and I have to get up at regular time tomorrow to go to a thing at my son’s school, so it ain’t like summer’s starting just yet.

(10 more minutes of staring)

… yeah, I’m going to bed early tonight, aren’t I?

Nine more

I came home and fell asleep on the couch for, I think, the second Friday in a row. That’s about where my brain is still at. It wasn’t a hard day by any means, but the end of the year is alwayssssszzzzzz …

Real post tomorrow, maybe.

I did a thing today

My lesson today made me wish I had been recording, which feels super good in the moment but this is going to be another one of those “I’m home and alive and now I’m going to go die” blog posts. Have a lovely evening, all, I’ll see you tomorrow.

In which I am frustrated

It was inevitable; after basically a month back at work, I had a really rough day today. I have done a total of three office referrals all year before today and one of them was on someone else’s behalf; I did two just today. My morning classes were fine; my two afternoon classes were nuts enough that they tossed the whole day into shit status, and it’s currently 6:38 and I’m ready to go the hell to bed. I spent part of yesterday contemplating switching grades before deciding not to do it; today I just want to throw all the 8th graders away.

Tomorrow will be better, I’m sure, but … gah, I need them to not be crapweasels. May 26 can’t get here fast enough.

I’m so tired

There is a real good chance that this is going to be a quiet week. Other than griping about how much I hate having to wear a mask all day, which is true of absolutely everyone, I have no complaints about today (which, as a reminder, was my first day back in-person in thirteen months) at all. I knew it was going to go fine and it went fine. I still have some things to think about (I was not expecting working with the at-home kids to go well, and it went worse than I thought it would) but the main thing today was to survive it, and it went fine.

My neck hurts (and I know why, it’s because I’m stupid) and I am tired in my bones. I expect that condition to continue through the end of the week, at least. I’m going to pull tomorrow’s assignment together and try to stay out of bed until 9. No guarantees after that.