#WeekendCoffeeShare: White People edition


If we were having coffee, I’d brag for a bit about my insane performance at trivia night last night.  I am smart and know a lot of stuff, but success at a trivia competition tends to be at least partially a function of the luck of the draw, because the categories are so critical to how you do.  I’ve only done these three times, but the previous two I wasn’t terribly useful because the categories were all in my bad spots.  This trivia night?  Ten categories, four of which were “David Bowie,” “Star Wars,” “Movie Quotes,” and “The 1990s.”

I kicked every bit of the ass, is what I’m saying.  We were tied for first place, only missing one question out of the first 70, until the “Super Bowl” round happened, and our one sports guy had virtually no backup.  Then there was the “Indiana History” round, where we missed a couple of questions we shouldn’t have because of team miscommunication, and we ended up in 4th place out of about 50 teams.  So, still, not bad, but we literally missed seven of our eight questions in two rounds.  

Also badass: the tiebreaker is predicting how many points your team will get right. I campaigned hard for 92 at the beginning and lost.  Our final score?  92.

Other than that, I refer you to this post from 2014, because the experience was basically identical, right down to hearing someone call for Ray Lee Ray and looking around and having the incredibly rare and insanely problematic thought my god I’m the only black person in the room float through my head.

I am not a black person, obviously, and I should never be thinking such things.  However, I suspect that were things like Trivia Night graded on a curve, I would be Yaphet Kotto.  Because holy shit are these things white.

The cheesecake went over quite well, by the way.

Speaking of sports: I understand that the Super Bowl is today, and it’s entirely possible that if we were having coffee that subject might come up.  I did not watch the Super Bowl last year, and as a result I missed seeing Missy Elliott live.   This year, Beyoncé is performing, and the rumor is she’ll be performing the single she dropped yesterday.  I will not be repeating that mistake.  Let’s take a moment:

(Will that work?  I dunno.  It doesn’t appear to be available for embedding on YouTube.)

(Holy shit!  It looks like it worked!)

At any rate, prior to going to the trivia night I’d been listening to and watching that  over and over again, and if there’s any chance that that song is getting performed live at the Super Bowl I’m ferdamnsure gonna be watching.

The fact that I’d been watching that over and over again– and, more importantly, watching the reaction to it on Twitter– might also have had something to do with the cultural whiplash upon arriving at the Snow Folk Palace later that evening, by the way.

So, yeah.  Are you having people over for the sportsenation?  Tell me what you’re cooking.


In which I wish that was my family

enhanced-buzz-18681-1389804623-12A few random things:

  • I am, hopefully, at work right now preparing my students for their math test tomorrow.  I can imagine a couple of reasons why I might not be; there is another polar vortex heading our way and if it’s colder than we’re expecting or if the massive storm that’s supposed to hit a county over shifts to the east, it’s not inconceivable that school is going to be cancelled again.  Plus, the boy’s been a bit poorly all day today (Monday) and while I suspect he’ll be okay by tomorrow morning, you never know.
  • I know there are a bunch of writers of varying levels of professional status who read this blog; how many of you guys use Scrivener?  I know Taylor Grace has mentioned it; anybody else?  I’m doing most of my writing in Pages these days because iCloud lets me pick up whatever device is handy and work on the newest version without thinking about it, but Scrivener seems like it would be useful as a way to put together a sort of series bible for the Benevolence Archives– I’m already jumping between five documents whenever I write anything trying to keep stuff consistent, and I’d like some way to formalize that process.  Long story short, I have questions if you’re willing to provide answers.
  • I am offended that I have to have an opinion about sports; I’ve usually done my best to make sure to have no idea who is in the Super Bowl by now, but nonetheless:  lay the hell off Richard Sherman, Internet.  Newsflash: athletes are sometimes loud and sometimes they are not entirely polite, especially when they are requested to be interviewed six seconds after a career-changing play.  Get the hell off your damn high horses.
  • Probably starting another vegetarian week tomorrow at dinnertime.  Why dinnertime? There’s still chili left and I plan to finish it for lunch.  It’s time to go back into weight-losing mode for a bit, I think.
  • Spent a few minutes staring intently at the last wall I have to put cement board on a bit ago.  It does not make me happy.  I’m going to have to add some blocking to put the cement board up at the very least and I think I may very well have to redo some of the existing structure– which I didn’t have to do for either of the walls today, as big of a pain as they were.