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It is May the 4th, Star Wars Day, and I find myself not in the talkiest of moods. So I will do something I haven’t done on here in a while, which is to say that if you enjoy Star Wars you will very much enjoy my Star Wars-inspired series The Benevolence Archives, and that you should give me 99 of your American pennies and buy the first book. Then, once you’ve read that and you like it, you can get the other two! It’s also available in paperback at just $7.99, same link. Go forth, then, and I’ll be back tomorrow.

5:42 PM, Monday, May 4th, 2020: 1,177,784 confirmed cases and 68,387 deaths.

It’s Star Wars day!

And, in accordance with tradition, the Benevolence Archives books are free today at Amazon.  Go grab ’em!

(And, for the love of God, if you’ve read the latter two, please leave a review.)

May the Fourth be with you!


Star Wars Day giveaway!

It’s May the 4th!  The Sanctum of the Sphere and Skylights are both free for a couple of days!  Go get ’em!  And May the Fourth be with you!

(IN OTHER NEWS: laid out by a sudden-onset migraine last night.  Right now my left eye is trying to convince me that it can’t see.  It can.  It’s a really weird feeling.)

Just FYI

If you follow me on Twitter or you pay attention to the feed on the right side of your screen there, you already know this, but check back early tomorrow morning for a little announcement about a quick one-day sale.

Also: AGE OF ULTRON was amazing.