Deja vu

I feel like I wrote this exact post a few months ago, but it is a fine night for baseball.Be nice to each other.  See y’all tomorrow.

In which I’m mobile again

6a00e008dbc8a1883401538e90fd82970b-300wi.jpgCurled up with a Percocet last night, and I’m able to stand and walk around normally now. No idea what the deal was.

I’m also a chapter away from finishing Ron Chernow’s 800+-page biography of Alexander Hamilton, which has me hugely excited; I’ve loved the book, but it’s taken me forever to read and I’ve been seriously jonesing for fiction again lately.  I’ve not stopped buying books in the meantime and I have at least one novella to read so that I can interview the author about it.  I mean, it would be kinda rude to write the interview questions without reading the book, y’know?  I probably shouldn’t do that.

Also happening right now: there is baseball on my television.  I’ve never been a Cubs fan– if I was forced at gunpoint to pick a favorite baseball team, it would be the White Sox or maybe the Pirates for irrelevant and ridiculous reasons, and while I’ve been to both Sox and Cubs games I have never been to Wrigley Field.  But hey: Chicago’s still my city and always will be, so I probably ought to watch at least a few innings somewhere in there.

I kinda love the helmet that at least a couple of the Cubs are using, that curls around and covers the jaw and the mouth.  I imagine you only have to have one 90 MPH pitch come near your face before wearing such a thing becomes a good idea.  At any rate, the Cubs are up 4-0, so I’m choosing to believe that I’m lucky.

But yeah, back to the Hamilton biography: you should read it, if you’re partial to such things and the idea of reading a book you could easily beat a small rodent to death with appeals to you.  Chernow is an engaging and talented writer, and that’s not with the curve adjusted for “historian.”  Hamilton, of course, is an endlessly fascinating historical figure– while I agree that the musical is awesome, it would have had trouble being as cool as it is without someone of his caliber at the center of it.

On the TV, right now, the commentators are focusing a lot of attention on the length of someone’s pant legs, which strikes me as another reason why baseball may actually not be a sport.  I don’t know why that guy needs a tailor as bad as he does or why it’s something I need to know about, but it’s happening right now.  Also, it’s impressive but not particularly surprising how many Cubs fans are in attendance at this game.  They’ve scored while I was writing this, and it sounds like a home game out there.

So take your pick, I guess: go Cubbies, or go read a book.  You choose.