In which all that training finally pays off

I have, in the last 48 hours, recommended coming over to my building to two different people. One of them is a veteran educator and one of them would be a first-year. Today, for the first time in a 19-year career, I had to wash the blood of someone else’s child off of me after breaking up a fight. So today could have gone better, I guess?

In other news, somewhere between four and six inches of snow are expected tomorrow, with the heaviest snowfall being expected between 5:00 AM and noon, so I’m doing the Dance of Snow Day Please. My new district calls off at the drop of a hat so I’m expecting at least a two-hour delay tomorrow, and it will probably be an e-learning day of some variety or another. I am not going to do any lesson planning tonight, which feels risky, but I guarantee whatever I get set up will be unsuitable for whatever happens tomorrow, so I’m going to risk it. One way or another if I get through the day without anyone bleeding on me it will be better than today.


I was sick as fuck yesterday, and called in to work at about 3:30 in the morning and then slept for damn near the entire day. I called in for today last night, not feeling much better, and then– miracle of miracles– they called a snow day, not because it was snowing but because apparently so many of our bus drivers are sick that the whole system has broken down, and there’s already another one tomorrow, although this one is synchronous so I get to spend all day in Meets waiting for kids who will not show up. At least I’m feeling better? Sure.

Even money on whether there’s school Friday, or whether any of the kids show up if there is.