Suddenly I’m bright and breezy

True colors are beginning to pop, as I had a couple of kids end up with their first steps toward an office referral today, but both were in my afternoon class, meaning that my morning remains stubbornly angelic.  They all beat me to the classroom this morning (this will be a regular thing, as my morning duty means that I follow the last group of kids upstairs) and they were all in one quiet line outside my classroom when I got there.  I don’t know what to do with them.  They’re too good, and I’ve never said that about a class before.

Also had my first lice check today.  The girl wanted me to look through her hair, an opportunity I declined, but at least she was honest enough to admit it had been an issue in the past.  The nurse was unable to find anything and diagnosed her with mild psoriasis, which I assume she prefers to the lice.  I spent most of my afternoon sitting with my paraprofessional and figuring out IEPs so that I can stop breaking the law every afternoon, which so far has been happening just about every day so far.

I need to have all of their names down cold by tomorrow.  I’ve got my homeroom 90% locked, at least when they’re in the room with me, but because of how our schedule works right now I have an extra hour with them every day which makes it a lot easier.  So far I don’t have a lot of specific stories but I’m sure those are coming.  Pretty soon I need to get back on the horse about the books, both of which have been languishing for several weeks. I’d like to have Searching for Malumba out in October, which means it needs to be ready to go within a month or so.  (And, dammit! I had a subtitle for it last night and it’s gone.  I knew I should have written it down.)

The book sale is still live; Skylights and The Sanctum of the Sphere are both $2.99 at Amazon until tonight or tomorrow sometime.  Go grab ’em if you haven’t yet.

SANCTUM updates

fdt0u5Note to my beta readers:  I am currently washing the blood out of my eyes as I scramble to get everything edited and prettyified in order to get the final-ish manuscript out to you guys before my self-imposed deadline of tonight.  I may blow said deadline and have to send the stuff out tomorrow.

Why final-ish?  Mostly because I need to write the foreword and right now I do not care about the foreword.  But if you agreed to be a beta reader (or if you’re reading this now and you’re interested) you can expect a file tonight or tomorrow.

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, which ought to be fun, and then it’s Sunday, and then back to work again on Monday.  I plan to spend all of Sunday cleaning everything I can see, so I really only have today to get this done.  The good news is that it’s 1:30 and my wife and son won’t be home for another three and a half hours or so.  The bad news is that three and a half more hours of editing will mean that I may as well replace my eyes with glass marbles.


Just think, soon it’ll be done.  And then I get to start working on the next thing!  I’m not even sure what the next thing is right now!  Let’s all be excited about that.