Here we go here we go here we go


I’m going to have a productive day today, people.  If it kills me.  I have a job interview in half an hour, and once that’s done I have a literal list of projects from which to choose from, and I’m gonna bloody well get to as many of them as I can before I have to go collect the boy from school this afternoon.  Today will be productive.

You hear me, world?


Getting stuff done.




This is the part where I get a lot of stuff done.

Or maybe get dressed and take a shower.

Get ready.

Productivity happening.


Snowpocalypse 2014: The Postening

I’ve promised, I dunno, twice now maybe that at some point today there would be a real post and that I wouldn’t talk about the weather during said real post.  That was a terrible lie; there will be a real post (there is now!  It’s this one!) but fuckit I’m gonna talk about the weather some more.    I just went out and cleared the driveway for the second time today; there was the same amount of snow four hours or so after the first clear that there had been the first time, only this time it was colder and showing harder and windier.

Tomorrow is going to suck, children.  The snow has only gotten heavier and faster and thicker as the day’s gone on, and I see no way that I’m not going to have to clear the driveway at least once more before it gets too dark to do it again.  Tomorrow, I’ll have to do it at least once more, only in Death Cold.

Or, more likely, I’ll let the wife take my car to work since it’s an SUV and can get out of the driveway, and I’ll not do it at all, because only an idiot would be outside doing work that could cause sweating in fifty degree below zero wind chills.  Don’t get me wrong; I am an idiot, but I’m not that kind of idiot.

In other news, there’s been a big pot of ragu alla bolognese simmerin’ on my stovetop for the last couple of hours and for the second day in a row I’m gonna eat like a king tonight.  School is cancelled for tomorrow (I’ll probably have the boy; we’re actually expecting daycare to be open, but it seems stupid to send him in, especially since he still doesnt seem to be feeling very well) and I’ve finally managed to get my comic books sorted and separated.  I’m keeping about a quarter of my collection, I have two other boxes mostly ready to send off to friends who requested some books for their kids, and I have an email out to a fellow who said he was interested when I talked about selling my books back in September, so let’s cross our fingers that he’s still interested.  Otherwise… anybody wanna buy about 4000 comic books?  

The plan for tonight is to try and restrain the urge to post further pictures of snowy things, to survive the third driveway-clearing, and to get a bunch more writing done.  I feel like it might actually happen, too; I’ve done a really good job of staying productive all day and hopefully I won’t fall apart once I’ve had dinner.  Don’t put it past me, though.  

Stay warm, kids.  

In which I hope for productivity

I’m at OtherJob basically all day today, from 11 to 8 officially, which is probably going to turn out to be 11 to 7 in practice because I suspect that between the wind and the cold and the snow outside it’s gonna be a real slow day.  To that end, I have brought the following items with me:

  • My laptop
  • My iPad, with Bluetooth keyboard
  • Two different books, plus an ebook short story collection that I want to get into
  • About two inches of grading (light week!)
  • My lesson plan book
  • Two math textbooks

(Does math, realizes he brought around $2500 in technology to work.  Decides not to care.)

I have the following tasks to accomplish:

  • Write a somewhat serious blog post (Which is not this one.  Yeah, it’s gonna be a loquacious day.  Hopefully that’s a good thing.)
  • Grade the aforementioned two inches of grading
  • Email parents collectively
  • Email a whole bunch of parents individually
  • Plan lessons for next week in detail and for the rest of the window in somewhat less detail (the next two weeks will be tricky for various reasons)
  • Write separate lesson plans for Monday afternoon, since I’ll be out of the building at a PAT meeting
  • Put together Success groups for next week
  • Decide if I need to prepare anything for said PAT meeting
  • If necessary, prepare that
  • Update my parent contact log (waaaay behind on that, which is weird, because I was totally on top of it all the time last year)
  • Finish at least the book I’m currently reading; getting through two would be good.
  • Actual OtherJob stuff for which I’m being paid right now
  • Spend some time just watching the snow swirl; the wind patterns on the course are fascinating and the snowflakes are really big.
  • Figure out what I’m cooking for both of the two Thanksgivings I’m attending in the next five days
  • Play with my new Pebble

Yeah, I bought a Pebble.  I’m wearing both the Pebble and the Fitbit right now, on separate wrists, because I am TechnoWanker and I can get away with that.  (Actually, I can’t, but since I’m old I don’t have to care anymore.  Yay old!)  Super short review: so far, it does what I want, save for a bit of amateur hour stuff with the alarms which they’re already promising a fix for.  Longer review coming in, oh, a week or so.

And here we go.