I think I’ll disappear now

Hey, remember how a couple of weeks ago I had lox for the first time and I was all “Hey, that was good“?

I had another one this morning, and now I am never eating 1) lox, 2) cream cheese, 3) capers, 4) tomatoes, 5) red onions, 6) bagels or 7) anything at all ever again.

I am not going to describe the nature or the quality of the distress I have been experiencing today but there was something wrong with that bagel.

I had a couple of posts planned– I finished a good book last night, and some interesting stuff has happened at work in the last couple of days, but right now I’m going to go lie down and try not to die.

In which Luther isn’t here today, sorry

Eleven hours in front of my computer today– grading, lesson planning, lesson recording, meetings, more meetings, trying to figure out fucking attendance which is an unholy nightmare, professional development, and okay I’d still rather be doing this than dunking my face in a viral petri dish every day but I cannot be arsed to be entertaining or interesting on ye olde merry website until school calms down a little bit and my brainmeats recover. This won’t last forever, it never does.

That said, if I die you are all instructed to toss my body over the White House fence. At least one of ’em.

We have a prewritten interview with Lisbeth Campbell tomorrow, as The Vanished Queen finally comes out! Check out my review, if you haven’t already.