New Pearl Jam single!!!

Is this the best news I’ve gotten in months?

Yes. Yes, it is, without reservation. Enjoy.

In which I am sleepy and content

It was, all told, a pretty good day, with several hours of video games in the morning, some quality time with my wife, a visit to my parents, a couple of minor projects completed, and I finished a book.

Oh, and then I got home and saw this, somehow for the first time, ever, and it has improved the quality of my entire life by at least 2-3%.


(This next one is a bonus video; I don’t actually have time to watch it right now but I suspect it will go well when I do.)

Possibly the first time 2016 gets something right

Both Tupac Shakur and Pearl Jam are being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year.  That’s not nothing, right?  I may have to watch the induction ceremony for, I think, the first time ever; the performances ought to be epic.


I gotta start prewriting these posts

I got nothing tonight.  Have two songs that have been running through my head:

Today I purchased pants

I need, like, six hours to recover, minimum, from that ordeal.

With that in mind: