Random music video time

I Tweeted this last night and you all need to see it now.  I’m kinda exhausted and crabby so music from the 1990s is my best refuge at the moment.

In which have some music

I had a twelve hour day at work today and a car accident tonight, so here’s a music video and I hope you’re all doing well.  I’ll try and be interesting again tomorrow.

(I’m fine, car’s fine too; it wasn’t my fault.)

Wednesday… word… and video… thing.

I’m not good with clever titles.  Sue me.

This song has been running through my head for three days:

And, because “This article on the typography in the ALIEN franchise is way cooler than it has any right to be, so you should read it” is too long for Twitter, have a link to an interesting article that I need to put somewhere.

That’s all for now.