Not that I’ll take my own advice, but …

My grading for the weekend and most of my planning for next week is done already, which is a good thing, but that hasn’t stopped me from spending most of the morning doomscrolling. And something has occurred to me: this situation being what it is, we literally cannot trust a single thing we hear from anyone at all. Certainly not the administration, not the doctors, not photographs (note that this picture of him “working” involves signing a blank piece of paper, and this isn’t even the first time that they’ve been caught pulling that dumb-ass move,) nothing. Not one word that any of these people say can be trusted.

There are only two things that can be assumed to have some sort of reasonable truth value here: 1) he dies, or 2) he leaves the hospital. Both would be rather difficult to fake, although I’m sure it’ll be at least a day or two before they admit it if he does actually die.

(I paid fairly close attention once Herman Cain went into the hospital, checking in on his condition once every day or two, and they did the exact same thing– dude was in the hospital for weeks and they consistently insisted he was fine and/or getting better right up until he died.)

Anything short of release or death, good news or bad, has to be presumed to be a lie. And therefore there’s really no point in the doomscrolling, because if he does die or leave the hospital once that information leaks out it’ll be everywhere in seconds, so it’s not like we won’t find out.

So I’m going to try and do something else. I’m going to fail, mind you, but I’m going to try.


Best piece of news I’ve had in a while?

Hell yes.

Now announce that Obama is going to be the first pick for SCOTUS.

In which I can work with this

Got the House back.  Things will continue getting worse, but the curve might bend a little bit now.  And there were some bits and bobs of really, really good news last night.

I actually took a leftover Clonazepam before bed last night because I was so keyed up, and today has been busy as hell, so this is gonna be a short note just because I’ve got shit to do tonight.  Watch this, then— I wish I could embed it, but I can’t find a way– and then afterward find somebody who thinks Democrats “don’t have a message” and punch them in their stupid face.



Today’s inexplicable work thing

I had a customer call me and demand to have her delivery scheduled on a certain day.  I was able to accommodate her request, and did so nearly immediately.  She then got mad at me and rather rudely insisted that I have her original salesperson call her back right away.

Uh.  K.  Sure.

I’d write more, but I’m trying to find a way to watch MSNBC so that Rachel Maddow can open Al Capone’s vault.  At least that’s what I think she’s doing.  I suspect watching it tomorrow will be more likely.

A handful of quick (possibly unnecessary) reminders

14355019_1130463423707041_9216674759976386590_n.jpgThe election was always going to tighten.  It’s in between the conventions and the debates.  The natural impulse is to revert to the mean.

The news media really, really, really wants this to be a horserace, so they’re going to do whatever they can to make it one.

National polls are meaningless and will remain so.  We do not have a national election.  Pay attention to the electoral college.

Donald Trump has no campaign and no ground game.  He barely even got on the ballot in Minnesota.  Early voting starts soon.  It will matter.

Trump will be graded on the curviest curve that ever curved at the debates.  Absolutely no matter what happens at the first debate, he will be named the winner if he does not shit himself.  It will be declared a tie if he actually does shit himself.  They will lose interest by the second (and third, if it happens) and the debates will widen Clinton’s lead again.

Tim Kaine will humiliate the fuck out of Mike Pence at the VP debate.  Sadly, it will not matter.

Pay little or no attention to the Stein and Johnson campaigns, particularly the Stein campaign, as Jill Stein is an Internet troll and not even a credible candidate by third-party standards.  They will not matter.  I don’t care how they’re performing on the ballot right now.  The election is still a month and a half away and their numbers will drop.

There has not been a single second so far where Donald Trump was in the lead.  Not one.

When in doubt, consult this image, and remember 2008 and 2012, and remember that those folks are going to show up again.