The day kind of got away from me– I got home from the comic shop, drank a big glass of eggnog, and took a nap, and I’ve been faffing around on the PS5 all night– so expect two posts tomorrow. I’ll do both of my book posts for the year. In the meantime, I’m still playing through God of War: Ragnarök over on The YouTubes, and you haven’t subscribed yet, so go take care of that.

A couple naps and then a nap

…and then I’m ready for bed.

Seriously, y’all, today started off with an irate email from a parent, sent before I’d managed to finish my coffee or make it into the shower, demanding to know where her kid’s bus was, as if there is any universe that exists where his math teacher might be the person in possession of that information, and it really didn’t improve much after that. Yesterday’s theme on TikTok was Videos of Teachers Crying and that is a mood right now. I have 143 students and so far only 27 have done today’s assignment. The average score was 6.28 points out of 10 and I do two of the five problems in the video.

I am done.

Plus the principal for some reason sent out all kinds of emails about our plans if we have a snow day tomorrow, and y’all, we’re not gonna have a snow day tomorrow, but naturally now that’s all I can think about.