Spent today mowing and reading; this lazy bastard spent today laying on my wife. I think my favorite thing about him is that black ring around his neck; it goes all the way around, and if we ever decide to have his head mounted on a wall or turn him into some sort of futuristic head-mounted-on-a-hovering-robot-body cat we have a perfect place to start.

9:02 PM, Saturday May 30: 1,769,776 confirmed cases and 103,768 Americans dead.

In which I embrace the lazy

After I get this post written– because God forbid I not get a blog post written– I intend to be exceptionally lazy for the rest of the day, even by recent standards. I have a feeling that this is going to be a rough weekend mentally and the most difficult thing I want to have to worry about for the next 48 hours or so is preventing myself from blowing any more money on dice this weekend. I literally– this is not a joke, it happened– dreamed about dice last night. I’m fucked up in my brain-parts, I know. I can’t explain it.

But there are books to be read, and video games to be played, and technically I cooked breakfast today so I’ve had at least one Real Meal. I probably need to do something to keep the boy alive– did you know kids are supposed to be fed every day?– but beyond that … eh. It’s Saturday, and I’m in quarantine. I’m gonna Saturday today.

2:24 PM, Saturday April 25: 924,576 confirmed cases and 52,782 American deaths.

E-learning, Day 4

It has been two days since I last wore pants. I had an entire ass parent conference today and did the whole thing in no pants. Recorded an entire video lesson last night. It’s on YouTube. No pants.

I’m not going to make it six weeks.

I give up; don’t read this

I have about 60 pages left of Michelle Obama’s book, which I’m enjoying more than I thought I would, and which I think is probably going to generate a review here once I’m done with it.  I’ve been fucking around on Twitter for like an hour because I’m Going to Write A Blog Post Tonight and fucking around on Twitter is what I do when I’m waiting for my thoughts to gel enough to figure out what I’m writing about on any given evening.

I need to get the blog post written before I can read, because otherwise Not Blogging hangs over my head and distracts me.

Now, at some point, mentally healthy people realize “oh, blogging isn’t happening tonight,” and stop fucking around on Twitter and go do something that they’d rather be doing– like, say, reading a book I’d like to finish tonight, or playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

But apparently yr esteemed host is unable to do that tonight, so he’s just going to fuck around on Twitter until the blog post happens.

Even if the blog post is about fucking around on Twitter.

So maybe I can pick the book back up now.  Hey, I told you not to read this.  🙂

Oh man

Mojo_Jojo.jpgI had a dream last night about not being able to sleep, if you’re wondering how the last couple of days have gone.  I just haven’t had much to say lately; sorry about that.  On the plus side, I’m about halfway through Jade City by Fonda Lee and it is holy shitballs good, especially for a book that I bought effectively at random.

I was about to post a picture of Mojo Jojo that I just drew as penance for my silence, but my phone is in the other room, and oh god is that so far away.  So… uh… here’s an actual drawing of Mojo Jojo.

(Also, this is probably obvious, but those of you who have been around long enough to remember that I occasionally liveblog the SOTU: I won’t be watching. I can’t put up with that thing’s voice long enough to watch.  Sorry.)