In which I am dadding today

Sick_kid_t751x500So… four years ago, maybe? my son contracted the nastiest case of hand- foot- and mouth syndrome I’ve ever seen.  This isn’t saying much, as I know so little about the disease that I keep insisting on sticking the word hoof in there whenever I have any reason to bring it up.  The boy, to be clear, lacks hooves.  But whatever he had, it was Goddamned horrible– there were scabs all over him, particularly around his face and his eyes, and he was basically a giant ball of horror and misery for a week and a half or so before it finally cleared up.

Amazingly, though, other than a couple of bouts with the sniffles that was the last time he’d been sick, until this week.  On Saturday he abruptly threw up in a parking lot on the way to the grocery, and last night– yes, four days later– he threw up again three more times.  In between?  Completely fine.  Today?  Completely fine as well, eating everything in the house.  And I’ve been queasy as fuck and waiting to throw up all night, as well as the vague nightmare where all you really want to do is sleep and all the boy wants to do is lay around and watch videos because He Threw Up Last Night and he knows he can get away with it.  I’ve been trying not to nap all day.  Blech.

In other news, Balremesh and Other Stories was, for a brief period of time, actually outselling a few Neil Gaiman books in one of the microcategories it’s slotted into.  It’s still available for preorder, for just 99 cents.  Go get it!

Call your Senators

Pure anecdata, and I just said this on Twitter but sometimes I like to say things in more than one place: I just called both of my Senators, one a Democrat and one a Republican, and told their staffers that I needed them both to vote against the Senate healthcare bill.  Also said to the Democrat’s staffer (who sounded exhausted) that I expected him to do literally everything in his power to oppose it.

I got through to the Democrat’s office on the first try.  It took four to get through to the Republican’s office.  And damn near every single response to this tweet by Todd Young is anti-AHCA.  It’s amazing:

There’s a lot of weasel words in there, but I’m choosing to take a bit of solace in the fact that it’s not a full-throated endorsement of the bill.

This bill will hurt literally every person living in this country.  Every single one.  Get on the phones, folks, and make your voices heard.  The DC Senate switchboard is (202) 224-3121, but I find more luck getting ahold of actual people by calling the local offices.


Four observations:

  1. Do you think there’s a male version somewhere with “Dinkie (Penis)” on it?
  2. This makes me think that women should probably go anywhere but this place for health care.
  3. “Eggs” comes before “Ovaries,” because we know which part of the woman is actually the important part, right?  Some of those eggs might turn into boys.
  4. What, no “Hoo-hah (Vagina)”?


And for the record I actually pulled up behind this bus at a stop to take this picture.  The car wasn’t moving.  🙂