Ha ha ha ha ha never mind

So, yesterday was a day, and it is a hundred forty degrees outside and I have already spent about half my waking hours in the pool, and you may disregard the entirety of yesterday’s post because why would things like saying I would like to offer you this job mean that you get a job, and I’m just keeping my mouth shut from here on out until I have signatures on shit.

I am tired and overheated and spent most of yesterday in an exceptionally bad mood and all I want to do today is play video games and not catch on fire.

Man do I wish I had been born in any generation other than the one that literally ended the world.

Picture, 1000 words, etc.

I really did have a crazy productive day– look at the progress bar for Tales over there!– but the internet has been an unreconstructed horrorshow since I got home from dinner so it’s probably time to go to bed and read.  vvzkc7oqwd2zgow1fs4z

A very important question 

Who is the coolest person that SURVIVED 2016?