There’s something on a Sunday that makes a body feel alone


I’m actually having a lazy Sunday like a real person right now; I’ve spent most of the day with a book in my hand (short review of Doctor Sleep: you should read it; I didn’t think a sequel to The Shining was necessary but this is a worthy effort) and right now I am, crazily, considering a nap.  Usually on Sundays I’m freaking out about all the grading I don’t have done and thinking about how many thousand things I really ought to get done before work starts again on Monday, and while I just remembered I really ought to sign into my email and tell my boss something I’m wonderfully free of Work Shit that needs to be done right now.

(Stares at the screen for ten minutes)

(emails boss)

Yeah, I’m gonna go read another book.  Might be back later if the mood strikes me.