In which I cannot with these people

This is one of those days, y’all. Everyone and everything is on my nerves and it is getting harder and harder to deal with the fact that we are governed by the worst and stupidest people among us. Like, it’s fun to yammer on about fucking Darwin Awards and some shit– some of these dumb bastards are going to die because of their stupid little protests, and they’re going to make a whole bunch of other people who are fucking smarter than them sick along the way, and if the fucking virus was somehow able to only infect the motherfuckers who deserve it we’d be fine, but it’s a fucking virus and it doesn’t work like that. Because these ignorant assholes are going to get a lot of people killed, and it’s too bad that we can’t find a way to ensure that the people get killed are all them. “Dying of coronavirus to own the libs” is supposed to be sarcastic, you bumblefucks.

Stay the fuck inside.

If you don’t want to stay the fuck inside, stay the fuck inside anyway.

Enough of this shit.

7:40 PM, Saturday April 18: 732,197 and 38,664, and– guess what– the states that don’t have stay-at-home orders are all seeing spikes in infections. You stupid fucks.