In which I need an app

Maybe the internet hivemind can help me out with this one.  I need an app that fits the following criteria:

  • Preferably iOS, but I can make Android work.
  • It is mainly a contacts app, but– and this is critical– it does not fuck with the existing contacts on my phone.  I need this for work and I don’t need ten thousand customers clogging up my contacts.  A database app with fully definable input fields would work just as well.
  • It allows me to add pictures and notes to said contacts.
  • Email addresses being clickable to send a message would be useful.
  • It is fully searchable/sortable in any of those fields.  In other words, if I want to find anybody named Smith, I can, if I want to find any entries I created in January I can, and if I want to find anyone who was looking at a particular piece of furniture, I can.
  • Ideally, it has OCR and can scan most of the important stuff into an entry from an invoice or a computer screen so I don’t have to type everything twice.
  • Free or a one-time payment, preferably less than $10, but I’d look at something more expensive if it hits all those points and I only have to buy it once.

Suggestions?  Don’t say Evernote, Evernote’s useless.

Hey, let’s all try Litsy!

ILitsy4.jpg heard about this Litsy app today through Kevin Hearne’s newsletter, and it looks interesting– sort of an Instagram for books?  I don’t know that it’s strictly necessary for me to have another social media account, but it looks worth playing around with, and the only way I can have a useful idea of how the app works is if I can convince some friends to check it out with me.

Therefore: all of you with iOS devices should download and install Litsy, and add me as a friend– my username is lmsiler– and then we can fiddle around with it together and have a new app to play with.

Right?  Right.  Go forth, then.

Word-makin’ talk

rmzyzrgeominqun2qwgaWriterpeople:  what software do y’all generally use?  I know I’ve got some fans of Scrivener out there, which despite several tries I’ve never really been able to get into; anybody use anything else that I need to know about?  I came across this article on Lifehacker the other day that led to me downloading a bunch of new programs to try out (including Fade In, a screenwriting program– I have a secret desire to write a screenplay for some reason; maybe that can be a side project this summer) and I have completely fallen in love with FocusWriter.

Dudes, I wrote four thousand words of fiction today, and it wasn’t even difficult.  That’s not unprecedented– I did nearly twelve thousand during the closing days of NaNoWriMo several years ago while under deadline pressure, and once wrote a thirty-page paper in three hours flat in grad school– but to get four thousand words done in a single day when there is no pressure whatsoever to perform is so unlike me as to be faintly alarming.  Other apps do the same main thing FocusWriter does; it blacks out the entire screen, letting you choose a theme (I have basic white text on a black background; you can choose other colors or even use an image as the background) and hides its entire UI so that all you can see is your text on the screen.  Awesomely, it also has a setting to make freaking typewriter sounds when you hit keys, which– for me, at least, which may be a sign that I’m moderately nuts– is weirdly, insanely rewarding.

Anyway: point is, BA 7 is done, meaning that all I have to do is finish BA 6 and do one last edit/polish/clean-up run on the entire thing and then The Benevolence Archives, Volume 1 is ready to be unleashed unto the world.  Which is awesome and terrifying all at the same time.   Hell, I’m on such a roll I may see if I can finish 6 tonight.  Why not, y’know?

I love productive days.  ISTEP starts tomorrow so the rest of the week is going to be obnoxious and stressful; I’m glad today wasn’t.  How are y’all?