The answer to this question is “No.”

…and it should probably just be a Facebook post.

Do I want to pursue administrative certification?

I don’t, right? Because really the only reason I might want to be a principal is the higher pay and not being in the classroom any longer, and neither of those are good reasons. And I’d have to take classes, and I’d have to pay tuition when my current student debt load is already more than I make in a year, and I’d have to figure out where to apply to take those classes, and that costs money, and … well, I’d have to be a principal, which if anything is even more impossible a job than being a teacher is.

I’m fine with making roughly $55K a year for basically the rest of my career, and being locked into this district, because the way the law works moving to any other district nearby will permanently lower my salary by probably $5-10K a year. Right? Sure I am. And just because I’ve been looking for three straight years for jobs that pay similarly to what I can earn as a teacher in my current district and literally haven’t found a single thing that was even close doesn’t mean that those jobs won’t magically appear soon. They’re out there! I’m just really bad at job hunting. And have been for three years.

Gaaaaaaaaaah. Somebody shove an icepick into whatever part of my stupid brain keeps bringing this idea up.

Classroom update

Ain’t panorama mode cool? I didn’t do a ton today, mostly just rearranged desks and got my bulletin boards covered. There’s a banner on that stretch of wall to the extreme left that happened after the picture and you probably can’t see the number line on the far right. Monday I’ll get some stuff on the wall in the back by my desk and quite possibly swap some desks out for a round table, which will fix a lot of the tightness issues, which are mostly on the far side of the room.

Sooner or later I need to think about curriculum, too, but … yeah. Sooner or later. I met several of the teachers on my team today and a few that weren’t, and it was really interesting to me to hear myself swing back and forth from sounding like a burnout to … well, not. But there’s definitely some burnout talk happening. Hoping to get that killed off before school starts. We’ll see. Five more days!

Here we go here we go here we go

Spent most of the day in my classroom, alternately rearranging desks and staring at the wall. I ended up taking the second classroom from the earlier post, mostly due to some late-breaking information about occasional temperature problems in the other room. The good news is that the other teacher has moved out of the room; the bad news is that she, uh, took a little bit more of the furniture than I was expecting her to, and one of the things I had to do was email the principal and ask for things like a file cabinet and a teacher desk.

I’m going to end up swapping about a third of the big desks for one-piece arm desks, which I think will end up as a best of both worlds situation in my room– I’ll have mostly the larger desks, which are more comfortable for bigger kids (and bigger teachers) and left-handed kids, and still have some of the smaller one-piece desks that will give me a little bit more room to move around the classroom once there are actual bodies at all of those desks. Right now there’s too many places where not only am I convinced I can’t move around between desks, I’m not sure I can have kids seated at both of them without bumping into each other.

I’ll get it sorted. Once I have I’ll post some pictures.

Oh, and I dropped just under $180 on classroom necessities today, too, without touching things like new clothes (not really an expense I can count, but still) and office supplies– just stuff that I know good and well I’m going to need no matter how I end up laying the room out. I do so love having to spend my own money to get my room set up, guys. It’s awesome.

Anyway. All sorts of family stuff going on tomorrow, which means I won’t have time to be in my classroom, so I’ve got Friday and all of next week to get ready for this. I am surprisingly enthusiastic about it, despite how this post might sound. This is gonna be a good year, dammit, if it kills me.

In which I make decisions

So I’m sitting in a classroom in a school right now. I actually have a choice of two rooms, and there’s not a whole lot of difference between them, which naturally makes the choice a whole lot harder.

Room the first!

Both rooms are within a few inches of the same size and have the same stuff in them. The main difference is the windows and the desks– this room has two windows, which means more natural light, which is good, but it lacks the built-in coordinate plane on the board (not necessarily something I need) and it has one-piece desks, which I really don’t like. They won’t be remaining in rows one way or another, but this room is nice and spacious and bright. Right now there’s no teacher desk in here, but they’ll bring one in.

Room two!

Main differences: one window, coordinate plane on board, way way better desks. Problem is the desks are bigger, and when there are kids sitting in them this room is going to be crowded, particularly since I think I’m gonna end up teaching eighth graders. This layout is impossible for me to work with for a number of reasons but I’m not sure how much space I’ll save in the room if I move them around.

Main thing, I suppose, is I need to decide if I’m willing to trade floor space for shitty desks. I think I’ll probably end up going with extra floor space (and, with it, added versatility) but I’m gonna have to think about it a bit.

EDIT: Just before leaving I had a brief conversation with the night engineer, who told me that Room #1 has had issues with HVAC and tends to be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. I don’t mind too cold at all, but a room that’s overheated may make the decision all by itself. Hmm.

In which things happen fast


Things happen fast. Within an hour of putting up that post yesterday, I got an email from another principal at a different school letting me know that they had an opening for the same job I currently have and asking if I was interested in it. I went in for a brief interview this morning, and … well, at this point we’re just waiting for dots and crosses, so to speak. Naturally, the first principal called me during the other interview to offer me the job, and to be honest, a part of me really does regret having to turn him down. But this way I don’t have to worry about grading for eight hours every Sunday for the entire school year, and I don’t care what else is involved; I’m just not going to ever miss that.

Of course, now I have to talk to my current boss, something I will happily put off until everything is good and official but nonetheless requires doing. And that’s gonna be a not very pretty sort of conversation, because “I know this situation we’re in is kind of shit, and rather than doing anything to fix it I’m kinda gonna make it worse, and, man, good luck with all that, I’ll be over here, not helping at all” is just not going to be any fun.

Do I feel bad about it? Yeah, a little. Not enough that it matters, though; not enough that I’m willing to put my family through what I’ll be like next year if I stay, but I feel bad about it. I’ll, uh, let y’all know how it goes.