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Forgive me, for I have sinned; I spent money on Black Friday, the fruits of which arrived today in the form of that pretty-ass new 27″ monitor on the right there. The one it replaced was, in general, a capable device (and will continue in service, but on my wife’s desk) but was so old that I literally don’t remember when I bought it; it may well date to the computer before Apple switched to the current iMac setup, where the computer and the monitor are one piece. It’s possible that it dates back to my Chicago years, although I think it might be too thin for that.

Thing is, I have a new desk coming– it’s backordered, but it’s coming– and that desk is a bit wider and deeper than my current one, and has a spot underneath it where I can put the PS5. So I decided that meant it was okay to become the ultimate in geekery: a three-monitor person. And Amazon had these fuckers on sale steep on Black Friday; I saved about $220 on the two I ordered, one of which is just going to sit in the box until the new desk arrives in a couple of months and, when I install it, might go in oriented vertically. Why? Why the fuck not?

Also, it’s curved, and I don’t know if you’ve ever used a curved monitor before? I hadn’t, and while I can’t quite explain why I like it as much as I do, it’s kind of amazing, and between the curve, a more efficient stand, and the smaller bezels compared to the old monitor, it actually really doesn’t take up much more room on my desk– so even the one drawback I’d managed to come up with regarding spending the money & upgrading really didn’t pan out.

Next trick: figure out why the colors on that picture look so supersaturated. Which I think is the phone and not the (main) monitor.

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4 thoughts on “New hotness alert!

  1. I spent money on Thursday AND Friday. And yesterday. I have no regrets. Merry Christmas to me. But I might be more excited about something I ordered on Wednesday and arrived today — a metal stand for my work laptop. It’s a simple thing. It was on sale and had a coupon, so it was a whopping $20. It seems fairly sturdy. I wanted to get the laptop of the way to have more space for the external keyboard and to be able to actually write in a paper notebook, which I do quite often. Plus it is probably ergonomically better for using the monitor part. It is definitely one of those “WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER?!?!” moments.

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  2. Oh, yes, curved monitors are great. I have three screens (including my laptop) but I don’t think that makes me a geek, precisely. It makes me blind and needy. I also have a standing desk that I actually use.


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