In which I’m still not gonna

We did not have a “fun movement activity” in our PD today; we did not, in fact, have a “movement activity” of any kind, although they are still threatening us with one on Thursday. And I got an email about a job through LinkedIn again, which is kind of exciting, although again I’m not certain it’s something I want to pursue. Apart from that … well, I survived another day on the long road to Spring Break and my family is home again, so all is well in Planet Siler at the moment, I suppose.

At the moment it’s 7:39 on Tuesday and I have no idea what I’m doing with Wednesday and Thursday, which is probably at least a minor problem. I still have a few kids who need to finish their testing, so class will be a little light over tomorrow at least, and I’m hoping a bunch of them stay home on Thursday. I told them today that for the e-learning day on Friday I intended to tell them to spend 45 minutes on this particular math program they don’t like to use, to a great chorus of moans, and then followed that up immediately by telling them that I did not plan to actually check to see whether any of them had ever done it. I think it’s kinda bullshit to make the Friday before Spring Break an e-learning day. I’m required to give them some work to do, but that doesn’t actually mean I need to grade it.

Is anybody out there into modern board games? I picked up the expansion/companion game to Gloomhaven at Target the other day for no good reason other than boredom, and while I don’t know who the hell I’d play a bunch of new board games with (the wife and child are getting roped into this one) I’m still curious if there’s anyone out there who has either played Gloomhaven or is into board games. Anybody have anything they want to talk about?

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  1. My family gave me a cool modern boardgame for Christmas called Betrayal at House on the Hill. It’s a tile game in which you build out a haunted house and then once the haunt begins… there are X number of possible stories in which characters strategize to figure out who the intruder is, while trying not to get killed. Your family might like it. There is one expansion set. 🙂


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