The dumbest thing I said today

The context: my father has been told that he needs to replace his phone by January 1, because it is not 5G capable and T-Mobile is phasing out all of their 3G towers.

“Yeah, I can’t imagine they’re that busy at 2:30 the day before Thanksgiving. Let’s just go get it taken care of.”


(I’m not griping, especially since I’m fully aware my dad will read this. But it was completely stupid of me to not realize these places are crazy-busy all the time, and “the day before Thanksgiving” is not a salient concept to people who need phones, because that is a thing that is not always something you can put off.)

And I came home and stuffed my face with Chicago deep-dish pizza, so all in all I am full of cheese and it was a good day.

Published by

Luther M. Siler

The author of SKYLIGHTS, THE BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES and several other books.

One thought on “The dumbest thing I said today

  1. I had a 3G phone in New Mexico, as it was the only one that worked. Verizon told me that the 3G towers would be gone by “X” date, and I’d have to get a new phone. A year and a half later, and my phone still worked. Phone calls to Verizon for some issue or another were always fun. “We don’t have 3G service anymore/You’re not talking on your phone because 3G phones don’t work anymore/It’s impossible for you to have a 3G phone/You’re completely wrong.” Finally, when I went down to get a new phone, the tech representative was like “how is the phone even still working?” I’m like, “You tell me.”



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