In which I am crabby as hell

Despite the fact that they’re not supposed to be there right now, I was actually surprised to see that a grand total of zero eighth graders came to school today. I figured there’d be at least a handful, kids with younger siblings at the school, maybe, or some whose parents couldn’t find anywhere to put them, and that I’d have a quiet day but actually, like, have some humans to talk to at some point during the day. I did not, and spent the whole day staring at my phone and my computer, intermittently completing tasks but generally doing a halfway decent zombie impression.

I’m going through this insanely misanthropic phase at the moment, as it seems like every time I turn around or look at anything I see another video of some overstuffed, wealthy white person making an ass of themselves in public, or another fucknutted Republican politician saying something that is so obviously not true that I wish it was physically painful to lie. I would love to be able to entertain the both-sides people, I really would, but that’s not what we have in America right now. One political party is entirely out of its fucking minds and has been for years, and the other quite simply … isn’t.

Everything makes me tired right now, and I’m tired of being tired, and I’m tired of assholes, and being a half-decent human being really isn’t difficult. I fucking promise.

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