Dear Luther

What the hell, let’s advice column this shit and see what happens: I am feeling much more human today. My brother and his wife are expecting their first child in April, and it has long been the plan to give them the crib we used for our son. He texted me earlier this week and offered me $100 and lunch if I bring him the crib rather than the original plan of them coming to get it at some point; they live north of Chicago, so maybe 2-2 1/2 hours away. I am taking a day trip to bring him the crib.

(Also: I work from home, they both work from home, my dad is coming along for company and he’s retired; everyone involved except maybe my sister-in-law has had at least one shot. None of us really go anywhere, and we’re all religious about masks when we do. Covid risk is therefore minimal.)

(Also also: It’s possible, but not super likely, that my brother will see this; he gets a vote just like everybody else if he does.)

Giving me $100 will not break his bank account and receiving $100 will not change my life. He’s definitely buying me lunch, but do I take the money? Defend your answer in comments.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Luther

  1. I don’t know the dynamics of the relationship. Maybe they are in super nesting mode with a baby coming soon. Take the money. It offsets the price of gas. You lose a day/time (Sucks), but you get to spend time with your dad. Your brother should definitely buy you and your dad lunch. You are doing them a greater service.


  2. On the fence here. Will your brother feel better if you take the money? Are they tired, worried, prepared to do anything rather than travel for those hours? Did they need to think what do I offer to get him to do the heaving lifting? Food and…? I think that’s as unhelpful as I can get.


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