Bring it

Re: vagueblogging, I applied for a bunch of other jobs including one I was really excited about that would have involved a life-changing salary increase and didn’t get any of ’em. But we’re not going back to work until October at the least and chances are we’re not going back after that either. So fuck it. Still a teacher. Let’s do this.

I’ve spent all day fidding around with various online services that I told myself I’d make sure to learn how to use properly “when I had time,” and well, now I have time. I’m going to figure out how to make this distance learning thing work as best I can for the kids who are going to show up and I’m not going to stress myself worrying about the ones who don’t. I’ve got plans, damn it, and if I’m being honest I’m actually a tiny bit excited right now. I’m sure it won’t last. 🙂

(One-minute TikTok explainers? One-minute TikTok explainers.)

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