In which I forgot to post yesterday

Literally just forgot. Like it never even occurred to me. How the hell does that even happen?

(I know exactly how; the answer is “my entire routine is screwed to hell, along with everyone else’s,” but still.)

Anyway, I’m only posting right now to briefly vaguebook for a moment, since it popped into my head to do so: sometimes, you avoid having a conversation with someone for a while because you think it’s going to be obnoxious and lead to drama, and then when you finally say “fuck it” and have the conversation, the person on the other end of the line literally just goes “Oh! Okay, that’s fine,” and then it’s over, and the voicemails are going to actually stop, even though you didn’t think that was actually on the list of ways the situation might go.

I know. It’s 2020; things aren’t supposed to go right any longer. I’m sure this will find a way to end up pear-shaped sooner or later, but right now it feels like something might have actually been taken off my plate. Crazy!

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3 thoughts on “In which I forgot to post yesterday

  1. A serious question that we may have to talk about offsite: Do you think that it is possible to teach a class on zoom? Many students-as you well know- are just not paying attention to e-learning. If your answer is long and/or complicated you can email me. I have a chromebook, and have allowed four teachers to give my email address to trusted students who may need help, and I am a Certified Tudor courtesy of Indiana.


  2. Actually that should be tutor, (go ahead, laugh!)
    The British monarchy never fails to remind me why the word “Republican” is not always bad. .
    & BTW, my family on the Gloster side is Irish: Dublin, Dingle and Galway; my grandfather was bilingual in Erse Gaelic.


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