Just for the record

The evening has gotten away from me, and it’s suddenly Time for Sleep and there are a number of minor things I wanted to do tonight that haven’t happened, including a blog post. Therefore, in the interest of Getting Something Written, and once again treating my blog as my outboard memory, because I want to remember the date for item #2 here:

  • I had very nearly a perfect day at work today. I literally did not raise my voice once the entire day. That is exceptionally rare.
  • I am typing this while wearing white cotton gloves on my hands, which is cutting my typing speed down and turning my accuracy to shit. Why am I doing this ridiculous thing? Because several years ago I forced myself to quit biting my nails when I realized it was literally causing wear patterns on my teeth, and I am now bound and determined to eradicate my similarly-disgusting and no doubt related habit of incessantly picking at the skin at the tips of my fingers, something I have been doing for, as far as I can recall, my entire life. I don’t intend to wear them to work or in public or anything like that but when I’m home or driving I’m going to try to have them on until “leave your fingertips alone” becomes muscle memory.

The end. Sleepy.

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