The answer to this question is “No.”

…and it should probably just be a Facebook post.

Do I want to pursue administrative certification?

I don’t, right? Because really the only reason I might want to be a principal is the higher pay and not being in the classroom any longer, and neither of those are good reasons. And I’d have to take classes, and I’d have to pay tuition when my current student debt load is already more than I make in a year, and I’d have to figure out where to apply to take those classes, and that costs money, and … well, I’d have to be a principal, which if anything is even more impossible a job than being a teacher is.

I’m fine with making roughly $55K a year for basically the rest of my career, and being locked into this district, because the way the law works moving to any other district nearby will permanently lower my salary by probably $5-10K a year. Right? Sure I am. And just because I’ve been looking for three straight years for jobs that pay similarly to what I can earn as a teacher in my current district and literally haven’t found a single thing that was even close doesn’t mean that those jobs won’t magically appear soon. They’re out there! I’m just really bad at job hunting. And have been for three years.

Gaaaaaaaaaah. Somebody shove an icepick into whatever part of my stupid brain keeps bringing this idea up.

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